We will introduce you to the locals of your chosen country, tell you the unknown, show you the unexplored!

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Travel, explore and learn something new, all while immersed into the rich culture of each region and each country – this is the adventure that awaits you!
In a world where there are millions of tourism services and mobile apps, we are convinced that the true emotions are those experienced while traveling and just surrounding yourself with good people, breathtaking sights and great food, and making discoveries that can hardly be found in your standard guidebook.
Are you ready? Contact us, and we will share the coordinates of all undiscovered and beautiful!

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Why readyboots

Unique travel experiences

To explore the famous sights is only a small part of exploring a new place, we are different as we immerse you in the real world and culture of its very real inhabitants.

New meetings

Local restaurants, street dance parties, festivities, meeting with native speakers in every corner of the world, and much more is possible with our friends.

Convenient wallet

Our confidence in the quality of our services allows us to organize a super-tours for you. This is when you want to meet with us again and again.


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